Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Bow Pose

After seeing amazing yoga photos online I was inspired to take some of my own.  The only problem is that I am not a master yogi and my poses look very amateur.  That is ok though, our instructor is always telling us to forget about what everyone else is doing and focus on our own practice.  It is true that way to often I compare myself to others.  So here are a couple pictures of me and Penelope before yoga class.  Our poses are far from perfect, but we are getting better and having fun.
These are the bow pose.  After doing this I want to go out and buy us matching outfits and yoga mats.
And the tree pose.  I had a much harder time doing this for the camera then I normally do.  I'm sure it is because I was holdng Penelope's hand and she can be wobbly.
There are a few poses that Penelope are pretty good at.  Mostly the ones that require some flexibility,  bow is one of those poses.  Next week I'll probably take some pictures of the others.  She isn't great at crow but she can do it.  She worked hard on that one in class over the last couple months and she went from not getting it at all to getting the right form down and being able to balance for a very short time.  Right now in class we are working on putting our foot behind our heads... lets just say Penelope is way closer then getting the pose down then I am.

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