Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Happy St Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's day to me is just a fun holiday that doesn't really hold much significance.  The kids love it, so we celebrate it.  But the holiday doesn't have any meaning to me... except maybe remember all the fun I had as a kid pinching people.  I don't know maybe I need to research how the day got started.

Anyway, the night before St. Patricks day the kids made Leprechaun traps.  Here is Penelope's the morning after the Leprechaun came.  She didn't catch him, but he did leave her some fake gold for effort.  Actually I forgot about it and woke up five minutes before the kids.  Since I had five extra minutes I turned on the news, that is when I realized it was St. Patricks day.  I quickly jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to get the "gold" then back up to put them in the traps before the kids got up.  They know it was me but no one saw me, so it was a success.
And here is Tucker's trap.  He asked me why the leprechaun didn't leave a  not like last year... he did?  whoops.
We also did a couple crafts.
Tucker and Penelope were careful to wear green to bed so they wouldn't get pinched in the morning, but Scarlett is a little too young to think of that.  So when she came in my room and I pinched her she thought it was pretty funny.  She kept laughing and saying that it didn't even hurt her.  Of course it didn't hurt, how sad would that be if I pinched my 3-year-old daughter hard.  I also pinched and tickled Leon a lot, he had no idea what was going on but thought it was fun to run away.

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