Wednesday, March 11, 2015


After church on Sunday I really wanted to get outside and enjoy the sunshine so the kids and I went for a walk.  Bob stayed home with a napping Leon.  We walked down to our neighbors horses.  We made sure to bring an old apple with us to entice the horses to walk over to us.
It took a minute of us holding our arms out with the apples but the horses did come.  Well only one at first, and by the time the second horse realized that we had food the apple chunks were gone.  Our neighbors own several acres and the whole thing is split up by family member.  I think most of them are siblings.  The guy with the horses is very friendly and is the original owner of all the land.  He said we can come over any time to feed (and even ride if we knew how) the horses.

Tucker loves it the most.  The girls love it to but they were just more scared.  I was proud of them though because before we left they both willingly fed the horse grass.  I understand, the horses are big and they don't want them to bite their fingers.
After the horses we walked across the street to see the ducks.  They have a pond with ducks.  I didn't get a picture but the owner (and I think sister) came out and gave us food to feed the ducks.  Next time we will have to remember to bring some bread.  Another family member that lives there owns two cows.  I think it is neat that they all live so close but all have their own houses and some space.  Tucker thought it was cool that they each have pets.

On a different note we took Leon's car seat out to switch cars and when I put it back I put it forward facing.  It is almost his birthday so I thought a couple days early wouldn't hurt.  He was so excited he kept smiling and saying "see, see."

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Talitha said...

the girls told me they feed the horses and I was wondering if it was down the street.