Thursday, April 9, 2015

More at Grandmas house

While in Puyallup we had time to walk to my old elementary school and play on the playground.  My parents still have the wagon from when I was a kid so my dad pulled three kids the entire way there, back, and around the block.  They wouldn't have it any other way.
The playground is not the same from when I was a kid, but I'm sure that is a good thing.  They had fun and Scarlett was mesmerized by the "gold" slide.
While walking around I found these boots with plants in them outside one of the classroom doors.  I guess one of the teachers was feeling creative.
Then after conference we did Leon's birthday party.  We already had one at home but we wanted to do another one at grandmas house.  Leon love's balls so Bob and I stayed up the night before making a ball cake for Leon.  It was a berry cake with actually berries in it and a white chocolate cream cheese frosting.  I thought it was pretty good.  I was just a little sad that Leon didn't enjoy it.  He was feeling pretty sick at this point and did not get excited at all for the cake.
We didn't even do candles because I didn't want him spitting all over the cake.  I did cut him a slice though and he took one excited bite before he realized he didn't feel good and pushed it away.
Leon perked up a bit for presents.  If I can get him distracted enough he does ok for a few minutes before he goes back to just quietly sitting.  
I'm not sure what Leon has but he hasn't thrown up or had a fever since Sunday morning but he just sits on the couch all day and won't eat.  He has been drinking lots of water so I'm not as worried and every once in a while I can get him to eat a cracker or jelly bean, but that is about it.  He has no energy and looks miserable.  Two days ago he even asked to go to bed twice, and cried until I took him to his crib.  It is really sad.  Yesterday he seemed a tiny bit better because he ate some dry cereal and played outside for about 20 minutes, I'm hoping today he feels better.

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Sofia Donatelli said...

What a cute cake. I love it.

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend.
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