Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Egg Hunt

This year we did two Easter Egg hunts in Puyallup.  There are several churches that put on community hunts in my area, but this year we visited my parents.  I could only find one church that was doing one so we checked it out.  We have done a few before and I've found that they vary from huge crowded ones to almost awkward they are so small.  This one was just perfect, it wasn't crowed but there were enough people I didn't feel like we stood out and they had tons of candy!  Our kids baskets weren't big enough, we had to dump the candy into the white bags but those even broke through.  I think they got more candy then then did on Halloween!  Not that they need that much.  I still like to go to those hunts because the kids love them, and it gives them just another experience and memory.  Plus they had free bouncy houses and donuts!
After that we went to my parents house, watched conference, took naps and did an entirely different kind of hunt.  My family hid eggs in the back yard and the kids got to go out and find their set amount starting youngest to oldest.  I like this kind too because they don't have to worry so much about being fast, and they actually have to look for the eggs because they were hidden instead of just thrown in a grassy field.

My sister brought the biggest plastic eggs I've ever seen.

My parents have a nice backyard with plenty of hiding spots.

Unfortunately something happened to Leon because he woke up from his nap throwing up!  It was so sad.  He threw up several times an was feeling horrible.  He just sat on the couch and didn't even want to pick up any eggs or look or talk to anyone.  At least he had fun at the morning egg hunt.  And I'm saving his stuff for when he feels better.  I  might even hide it around the living room for him.
More about Leon tomorrow.

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Gayle Daly said...

Poor baby. So sad that Leon got sick. Thanks for posting everyday Doranda. I love it.