Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Kid April Fools Pranks

I love celebrating the holidays with kids and April fools day is no exception.  This year I tried to find pranks to play on the kids that were easy to plan, didn't take a lot of time or effort, and were harmless.  Some of these I've done before but I tried to change them up a bit just to keep the kids on their toes.

The first thing I did was dye the milk yellow.  It looked just like orange juice!  I didn't expect that to happen but most of the kids thought they were getting orange juice instead of milk for breakfast.  Tucker refused it all together and age dry cereal.
The milk was actually the second prank because I did one prank in the middle of the night.  Right before I went to bed I snuck into the girls room and moved them into each other's beds.  Even though I didn't see their reaction when they woke up I'm sure it was funny for them to be in the wrong bed.  By the way, these girls can be heavy when sleeping and it wasn't easy to lift Scarlett to the top bunk.
I thought this shoe prank was going to be so funny.  I shoved toilet paper in the toes of their shoes with the idea that they would put them on and think their feet grew.  I did it to each kids shoes, except for Leon.  And in the morning without the others hearing I one at a time told each of them that their feet looked big and that I think they grew while sleeping.  I have to admit that Penelope put her shoes on first and knew something was in it then pulled it out.  Then all the kids checked their shoes.  So it didn't really work.  But Penelope and Scarlett were talking about how big they are for the whole day.  They didn't really get that I was trying to trick them.
Then for dinner bob made donuts!  Ok, it was meatloaf with mashed potatoe frosting.  When the kids found out some refused to eat even though the really did taste good.
Then I gave them juice/jello for their drink.  It was funny watching them trying to suck it up the straw.  Leon was especially adamant about trying to "drink" the juice.
Before bed we told them they could have some brownies for dessert.  Everyone thought it was funny except for Tucker who was pretty grumpy by this point of the day.  Leon even insisted on taking his brown E to bed.  Most of them weren't even upset that they didn't actually get brownies.

I know that these tricks are silly, but I like to create traditions with the kids.  And I really think that this is the sort of thing that they will remember when they are older.  I'm sure when they are teenagers they will think their mom is so weird but hopefully they will at least remember that we had fun and played together when they were younger.

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Queen In Between said...

You guys are like master April foolers!