Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Rummage Sale and Jelly Beans

We got up early a couple Saturdays and headed over to the fairgrounds for their annual rummage sale.  It opened at 8 and I didn't really want to be there early for any sort of crazy rush but we somehow got their about ten minutes ahead of schedule (Bob loves to be early for everything) and it wasn't crazy at all.  Just a nice line outside of the building I wanted to go into.  I love to check out the furniture, and I found a few great pieces.  I didn't end up buying any though.  I just couldn't justify it when we have no room for anything extra.
Bob wanted to look at the outdoor stuff so we split up, I took the girls with me and he went with Tucker and Leon.  Man it was freezing!  We were shivering while waiting.  They each put some money in their pet purses for in case they found something good.
Bob ended up getting a new bike for Tucker, I'll have to post pictures of that later.  And I won a never been used Jelly Belly dispenser.  I would say new but I looked them up and it seems like they only make the mini version of this one now, so I don't think it is knew or even made anymore.
They had it in the silent auction area and I made a bid on it!  I've never done a silent auction before so I'm sure was way overly excited about it.  The starting bid was $5 and I made a bid for $5.  I kept checking on it and no one else bid the entire time.  I was worried that someone would come up and the very end and bid $6 for it but that didn't happen.
The cool thing about it is that the kids love it so much I've probably already made my money back!  I had to empty out the change twice already.  It take anything from a penny to a quarter and my kids are desperate enough to spend their quarters on it.  This whole thing has been a good learning lesson for Tucker and Penelope.  I didn't realize it would teach them about money when I got it but it totally has.  They are now concerned about having money and saving it.  I even heard Tucker say "I wish I didn't spend all my money on it yesterday."  If I can teach them to save their money now when the stakes are small that will save them a lot of heartache when they get older.
Scarlett and Leon don't get an allowance so I make sure to sneak them jelly beans from time to time and I let them keep any money they find around the house.

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Mary-Anne said...

I have that same jelly belly machine. Ha! I got it in high school and I used to tell my siblings that it cost a quarter to get jelly beans, but really you could just turn the handle and get some without putting any money in it. Ha ha ha!