Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Three Generations

My mom came out and went to yoga with me and Penelope.  It was nice that she could come out and spend some time with us especially since I don't know how much longer we will be living within driving distance of each other.  I actually wish we lived in the same town but I'll take an hour and fifteen minutes.  She has never done yoga before and Penelope thought it was fun to show her the ropes.  Below is a shot of us doing our upward facing dog.  I forgot to take a picture of the three of us until my mom was walking out the door, so we quick came up with a pose and had Tucker take it.  Penelope didn't want to do this picture, hence the pouty face.
Although I don't have much experience with it I think acroyoga is pretty cool.  I wish they had a class at the ymca.  Penelope and I could be partners.  Sometimes I try stuff out at home, but it has to be pretty easy because I can only learn so well from a picture and Penelope gets scared being up in the air.  Plus I am usually not warmed up and then at that point it seems like a hassle to get ready so I usually give up.  Maybe tomorrow before yoga we can practice.
My mom used to put us up on her feet and into the air all the time as kids and I do it with my kids too.  Here she is with Tucker. 

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