Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cinco De Mayo

On Sunday we headed down to my sister's house for dinner.  We had delicious tacos and just hung out and enjoyed the sunshine.
We played lawn yahtzee.  It is just like regular yahtzee but with giant dice.  It was pretty fun.
On our last turn Bob and I got a yahtzee of sixes with only two rolls! That was the highlight for me.
Then after dinner we did a piñata.  I'm not sure what the kids love more, waking something as hard as they can with a stick or getting candy out of it.

And since Scarlett's birthday is tomorrow my sister whipped up a little cake for her.  She was pretty excited!
For dessert we had fruit pizza.  It was super yummy and I'm not sure if I've had it before.
Happy Cinco De Mayo!


Queen In Between said...

Oh my goodness...Yahtzee is my fave and that looks super fun with giant dice!

Talitha said...

I'm glad you all got to come over and enjoy the day with us!