Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Swim Lessons

Since September Tucker, Penelope, and Scarlett have been taking swim lessons.  At times it has been really stress full for me but the kids like it so we decided to stick it out through the summer and then reevaluate.

Tucker has been making lots of progress and went from being able to swim a very little to swimming the length of the pool.  My main struggle with his classes is that one session he will have a great teacher and learn a lot and then the next session they will just goof off and he seems to get worse.

Penelope has made some progress but not a ton.  She now can do lots of bobs (put her whole head underwater) and floats a little on her back. But isn't able to really swim at all on her own.  For some reason the last session she was getting really stressed out and would cry in the middle of it for no apparent reason.  She would even tell me she doesn't know why.  I think it might be that the other kids are a bit rough and I'm hoping that the next session will be better for her.

Scarlett is still at the very beginning level and so part of me feels like it is just a big waste of time.  We've just barely convinced her to do a bob (put her whole head underwater) but aside from that I haven't seen any progress at all.  I really think that we could put the kids in when they are six and they could catch up to the years of swim lessons at age 3.  But because we are taking Tucker I figure I might as well take them all.  And they love it so even though they aren't making tons of progress they are having fun...for the most part.

Here are a couple videos from their last session.

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