Thursday, May 7, 2015

May Day

I'm not sure how common it is to celebrate May Day but it is something I enjoyed growing up so now I do it with my kids.  Every year on the first of May we make little May Day baskets and give them to each other and the neighbors.  You can fill them with candy or flowers and then leave them on someone's porch and ring the door bell and run away.  My mom used to tell me that you leave it on the porch of someone you like and if they catch you then you have to kiss them... or something like that.  I didn't tell my kids about that part of it.

We made our baskets this year out of construction paper.  I know we are so fancy ;)
Bob was gone with the flex so I let the kids all pile into the honda while we drove to the neighbors house.  Leon though tit was great to not be in a "seat".
Below you can see Tucker putting one on our door.  My kids really like getting the baskets so they give one to a sibling too making sure everyone gets one.  They ring the door bell and then run around and come in the back door.  It is cute because everyone usually knows what is going on.

This year Penelope was gone while we were making them so Tucker got to actually surprise her with a basket.  She thought it was pretty neat.
When the kids dropped them off at a neighbor I let Tucker and Scarlett go alone.  Usually Bob or I will go with but they are growing up and I thought they could handle it.  It was cute to see because Tucker sent Scarlett to start running and hiding before he rang the bell so she could have enough time.  Then the people actually opened the door while the kids hid behind their car.  They were so quiet and loved it!

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