Friday, May 8, 2015

Go Carting

For the past little while Bob has been working with the scouts building a go cart.  He was released but now that it is done they let us come over and ride it around.  First Bob and I went and did it for a date over the weekend and then on Monday we brought the family and all took turns.  They have a big field and made a course.
The date night was really fun.  Bob didn't tell me what we were doing only that I should wear jeans and tennis shoes.
Going as a family was completly different.  It took a while to get it set up so Tucker could reach the peddlas but once we got going it was better.  I think Tucker's first lap took about 5 minutes and was very jerjky, but after a little bit of practice he was a pro.  His last lap he got going really fast and was much more smooth.

I rode with Penelope and Scarlett on my lap and it was pretty funny.  Penelope was scared and kept telling me to slow down, but she liked it and had fun.  Scarlett just laughed and wanted me to go faster the whole time.
Leon didn't really like it, maybe when he is older.

The first video is of me and the second is of Bob.  He got two wheels off the ground and then it turned off.

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