Thursday, June 4, 2015

Alaska #2 Dr Seuss House

I've seen pictures all over pinterest of what they call the Dr. Seuss house in Alaska and since we were there we decided to check it out.  Everything online says that you can't go up to it but I thought I'd be able to see it from the driveway and that alone would be worth the drive.  But I was wrong, you can not see it from the driveway at all.  You can see the top couple of stories from a distance at the freeway and that is it.  The internet has all kinds on wrong information about this house and the one major one is the address.  I used coordinates from the internet that took us to the wrong spot.  The only reason we found the house at all is because we stopped and asked a few locals.

We were lucky enough to "know a guy" who took us all the way to it.
It was so crazy because once you get close you cannot see it at all until you are about 100 feet away.  It sticks up so tall (185ft) that you think you would be able to see it from anywhere, but that isn't the case.  Maybe in Winter you can see it better, but once you are next to the trees you cannot see it until it is right in front of you.  The above picture was our first view.
It has been in construction for years and although it looks trashed it is actually pretty nice inside.  They put plywood and plastic over the windows so it looks bad but all that will eventually be replace by glass creating an amazing 360 view.

This next picture shows what it looks like when driving up.  The trees totally block it from view.
Once it is finished it will be opened to the public but for now the property is not even open to the public.  We were so lucky to get to go inside.
They had problems with vandalism and someone wrote "Stay out you'll die."
Once inside you can see it has a wrap around porch thing, you can't tell from the street because of the plywood.  It is going to be amazing when finished!
This next picture shows the basement, which leads to a secret passage and a tunnel to a secret bunker!
There will be an elevator in the middle.
We only went up to the upper part of the third floor and look how high we were!  It was maybe about half way up.  To go any higher we would have needed a ladder and so we stopped when the stairs ended.

These pictures can't really convey how massively huge it is!  It is very sturdy but while looking up at the top seemed to sway.

What was going to be a wasted 2 hour drive turned out amazing!  The local news did a story on it so if you want more information on it I'd go here.  Most of what I read online is false.


Lena B, Actually said...

How neat!!! So cool that you were able to get in to see it! Amazing.

Mary-Anne said...

That is crazy! So is someone actually going to live in it, or is it going to be like a museum or something?