Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Alaska #3

On Friday in Alaska we headed up to Girdwood to spend the day.  There were lots of pull offs on the highway where we stopped to take in the amazing view.

One stop had a place where we got to drink mountain water straight from the mountain.  Lots of people were stopping to fill up water bottles or jugs.  It was cold and delicious!
The water came out so fast it was really hard to drink and just splashed me in the face.  It was much easier to fill up a water bottle and drink it that way.  I wanted to bring some home for Bob so on our last day we went back here and I filled up a bottle that I checked in my luggage.  The next picture is of my nephew Dallen.
Here is a picture from across the street.  If you look at the bottom middle you can see where the pipe sticks out.
After that we headed to the Winner Creek trail.  This was one of the main things I wanted to do in Alaska and it did not disappoint.

We didn't see any bears but we saw signs and I made sure to read up on what to do in case you encounter one.
This hike was very pretty and not too difficult.  it was 2.5 miles in and then we had to walk the same path back.
When we got to the tram I just ran and jumped on.  I didn't really stop to think about how scary it was.  It was pretty high up in the air and my back was leaning against the door.  After going across once I got worried that the latch or rope would break.
When you first get in the tram it kind of just rolls until you are half way, then you have to work hard to pull yourself the rest of the way.  It was doable but not really easy.  Below you can see I am close to the other side.  It was so fun I went across a couple of times.
This next one is the view from the tram.  There were lots of people waiting to go across, but if I was alone I would have liked to stop and eat lunch in the tram right over the river.
While walking back we saw an owl.
Definitely one of the coolest hikes I've ever been on!

On that day we also stopped at McHugh Creek which was a fun park and and marsh bird watching place. We saw and eagle in his nest and some bear tracks. No bears though :(

Lastly we stopped and got cinnamon rolls.  These had a hint of black licorice flavor in them and I liked them.  Although I seemed to like them more then everyone else in our group.  They were a little dry.
I like that picture because all I had to do was hold it up to get the mountains in the background.  Anchorage did look a lot like where I live now in Bremerton.  Both were very green with lots of trees, the main difference was they have the mountains that are close clearly visible.

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