Thursday, June 11, 2015

Alaska #4

On Saturday in Alaska we went to the Anchorage farmers market.  It was a regular farmers market with some Alaskan flair.  The had things like this Lynx face.
And lots of these carvings from antlers.
I thought this shirt was funny.
The market was really close to down town so we walked there and checked it out a little bit.  My mom and I got a geocache.
I thought this sign was pretty cool.

Then we rode the trolley down to the Ulu factory.
I wanted to get a picture to show how light it was outside.  So before bed one night my brother drove me to subway to get a picture in front of a clock.  It was a cloudy day so it was a little darker then if we had clear skys.  I didn't use a flash and you can see that the street lights were on so it wasn't full daylight but it definitely wasn't dark either.
Next time I'll post about the Alaskan wedding we went to.

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