Friday, June 12, 2015

Alaska #5

The timing for the trip was perfect because we got to go to my cousin's wedding.  They got married on a beautiful lake.  It really was gorgeous.
At the wedding they had reindeer hot dogs.  It was my first time trying reindeer meet and I liked it.  It wasn't my favorite but I'd eat one again.

It was a pretty small ceremony and afterwards we had s'mores.  I made a fancy white chocolate s'more with strawberries.  It was so good, I'm going to have to make them at home sometime.
Here I am with my cousin.  We are the same age but barely ever get to see each other.  I'll always remember when we were little and went to visit our grandparents for a week together.
The next day we drove around Kristen's neighborhood and saw a mamma moose with her two babies.  They looked very young.  This was our first moose sighting and I was nervous to get close.  Especially because of the babies.


Karen R said...

Really enjoying all your Alaska pictures!!


Krish Banzet said...

When we all introduced ourselves at the event venues. We were received warmly by all those who participated in the event. Events here are a lot of fun, giving access to features that aren't always the easiest to get into and aren't always the most wallet friendly.