Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Frontier Girls Camp Out

Penelope has been part of a Frontier Girls (like girl scouts) group all last year and we ended the year off with a camp out.  I was planning on going all along but because some girls dropped out last minute and Scarlett will be joining next year they invited her to join us.

Because we are all members of the church we stopped at the temple on the way to our camping trip.  It is always nice when we get to take the kids to the temple.  I only wish it wasn't so far away!
The drive was long (longer for some...) but the girls were all excited when we arrived.  They spend most of the first day just settling in and playing around the campsite.
The next morning we went canoeing.  Scarlett was so cute in her lifejacket.  She was very excited to go and had fun paddling the whole time.
Penelope was very nervous and once we got going she wanted to quit and just kept saying she wanted to go back the whole time.  She wouldn't even put her paddle in the water.  I'm sure she would be ok about it if she had a few more tries to get used to it.
After that we got to go horse back riding.  My girls have both ridden a pony before but I wasn't sure how they would handle a full size horse.  We feed our neighbors horses through a fence quite a bit and they are both a little scared of them still.  But when the time came Penelope hoped right up and didn't complain about it at all!  I could tell she was nervous but she didn't hesitate and she did a great job.  Our horse was trying to go fast and go back to the barn the entire time but Penelope did really good even though it was a little faster than she wanted.
I got to spend over an hour leading the horse back and forth with the different girls on it.  I was so hot!  It was in direct sunlight and super hot outside!  Not my favorite part of the campout, but I did it for the girls.

Scarlett really loved ridding the horse.  Out of all the girls I led she seemed to enjoy it the most.  When our horse was trying to go fast she said, "mom, let him run!"  This girl is so brave.
That night the girls didn't get to bed until after 10 and they were exhausted.  They slept upstairs in a loft and I slept on a cot downstairs.  I wanted them to both try sleeping upstairs with the other girls but told them they could come down and sleep with me if they wanted.  The first night they did great.  I think they were just so out of it they didn't wake up.  The second night Scarlett woke up crying 3 times!  But every time I went up to talk to her she was incoherent and went back to sleep.  I'm sure she just woke up and didn't know where she was and got scared.
More about our camping trip tomorrow!

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