Thursday, July 23, 2015

Camp #2

My favorite activity at camp was the giant water slide.  We were so hot the slide really helped to cool us off cheer us up and have fun.  I was shocked because I was off to the side filling up my tube and came back to see that Penelope was going down by herself.  When I talked to her she said that she already went a few times alone.  She is usually pretty scared about this sort of thing, but I guess sometimes it helps if mom isn't around.  She didn't have anyone to tell that she was scared (she is too shy to talk to the other leaders) so she just had to go down alone.
Water shoes were required and we only had one pair of water shoes for the girls to share so they took turns.  I thought they would fight about it, but it worked out just fine.  They each wore the shoes for 5 slides and then switched.  They got to switch lots of times.
I got a little tired of going again and again, but that is ok.  Scarlett would only go down with me so I just kept going a little bit more than I wanted to.  It was pretty fun.
In this next picture you can see the girls are making ice cream.  I've never done it this way before but it involved plastic bags, ice, and a lot of shaking.
The girls also got to play lots of fun camp games and even do a craft.

This next picture is of the girls playing horsie.
I'm really glad the girls got to go.  We had a great time!

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