Friday, July 24, 2015

Garden Time

During the summer I like to get out and take the kids to as many fun activities as I can handle.  The kids love them, sometimes it messes up our routine but I am learning to relax a bit on that.  On Fridays the shipyard sets up little kid activities and the park does a gardening demo.  It is right during nap time so we usually don't go but I wanted to take them at least once.
In the next picture they got to dress up a scarcrow.
We learned all about how to pick separate and grind wheat.  I've actually never seen this done before so I found it very interesting.
The girls had a lot of fun turning the wheel.  I want to get one of these so we can be more prepared in an emergency.
Then the main activity at the park was to build little garden boxes and plant radishes.  This would be a perfect activity if Bob was there.  He loves that sort of thing.  Instead the kids got me trying to figure out how to hammer together these garden boxes.  It took way longer than it should and I got pretty frustrated about it.  It wasn't like the kids could really do any of it, so it was basically me and a bunch of other moms trying to make garden boxes while our kids pulled on our legs.  

The kids did get to do most of the planting by themselves and they've been doing a great job watering their plants.  We haven't done a garden for a couple years so it is nice for the kids to have something to grow.  I'm sure they will be really excited when they can eat them.  We will see if any of the kids actually like radishes.

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