Thursday, July 2, 2015

Lake Cushman

A couple weeks ago Bob told me that he wanted to go camping with just Tucker, I thought it was a great idea so they headed out to Lake Cushman.  They had a good time and the next day we met them out there so we could all go on a hike.  First we ate lunch and let the kids play on the dock a bit.  The area was so pretty!
Right when we started lunch Tucker said he wasn't feeling good.  Bob admitted to also not feeling well, but since we drove all the way out there we decided to give the hike a try anyway.
We did Staircase hike.  It was very easy (a mile and a half loop) and perfect for the kids.
After we got going Scarlett had to go potty and we made several stops along the hike where I tried to help her pee in the woods.  She had never done it before and was not getting it.  There were lots of tears and tries until finally she was able to go.  I just hope she never has to go in the woods again because it was not a pleasant experience.
They had a really pretty bridge that is new.  It wobbled quite a bit which the kids thought was scary.
Tucker was getting worse.  I had hoped that once we got going he would feel better, it wasn't like we could leave him in the burning hot car.  The poor guy didn't get to enjoy the hike at all.  With in the ended up all taking our turn getting sick.  Its so hard to be sick when we have fun plans.  And I don't think Scarlett had fun either because she had to pee so bad the entire time.  She even had to go before we started the hike but took one look inside the port-a-potty and said she didn't have to go anymore.
The hike was really nice and shady and pretty.  The parks pass cost us $20 for the day which I thought was pretty steep but maybe one day we will go back when everyone is feeling better.

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Gayle Daly said...

So sorry that the hike experience wasn't as you had hoped. Nothing worse than feeling sick or having to pee. I can't even go in the woods. I won't go in a porta potty either. Both are yucky. Hope you are all well soon.