Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Spooked In Seattle

I bought a groupon for a ghost tour in Seattle a couple years ago and just finally got around to using it.  It was and expired two for one deal so they let me use it for one ticket and I had to purchase one more for Bob.
Here we are going to into the entrance, this was one of the creepiest parts.  If you know much about Seattle then you know that a lot of it is underground.  They were having major problems with flooding so they built the whole city up higher starting with the streets.  Lots of places still have their underground rooms that actually used to be the original first level.
Here is a picture of our guide, he said his clothes have nothing to do with the tour but he always just likes to dress like that.  We are standing on a spot where someone fell off the roof and died.  People have since seen sightings here.  He basically just took us around and talked about different ghost sightings and the history of the area.

I can't remember the exact significance of this next building but he wanted us to take pictures just in case we got one of a ghost.  The tour was in Pioneer square and even though it looked fine to me the area has a pretty dark history.
Afterward he took us back to the original basement and into this pitch black area.  It was pretty creepy and he talked about sightings and things they've had go on there.

Over all I had a lot of fun.  I'm not saying that I believe or don't believe in that sort of thing, but I do think it is interesting.

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