Friday, July 17, 2015

Olympic Game Farm #2

The bears were by far my favorite animal we saw this trip.  Last time we got to see the bears but it was packed and by the time we tried to feed them they were uninterested and just walked.  This time we were the only car and they were all coming up to the fence to us and wanted us to feed them.
They were even waving to us which we didn't get to see last time.  Look how big his paw is!
And the double wave!
Here are two videos.  This wasn't the prettiest bear but he was on my side and I had the camera plus he was willing to play with us.

And here are a few random videos from the trip.
First is a Llama, these were the first animals so the kids were kind of freaking out.

This one is the Llama running with the car.

And here is one of the kids feeding Bambi,

After we drove though we walked around to see some smaller animals close up.

I think going to the Olympic Game Farm is one of my kids favorite all time activities!  

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