Thursday, July 16, 2015

Olympic Game Farm

We had a blast when we went to the Olympic Game Farm two years ago and so we decided to go again.  Well...some of the kids were actually pretty scared last time but they had fun when the animals didn't have their heads in our car.  This time we drove the flex so the girls could hide in the back seat if they got scared.  And we brought one loaf of bread per person.  Penelope ate most of her bread herself.
 Tucker, Bob, and Leon all ran out of bread before we got through and were begging for extra.  I seemed to have plenty left and so did Scarlett and Penelope.
 The zebra was definitely not the most aggressive of the animals but he was so pretty!
 And we had to be careful because he totally bites.  I learned that lesson last time.
 Leon was soooooo cute feeding the animals!  At first he was a bit scared but when bob pulled him up onto his lap he was fine.  He would try to call the animals over and loved to give them bread.

Look how huge this guys head is!
 I thought this sign was funny but probably a very good rule.
 Some of the animals really smelled bad so we didn't feed them for too long.  One thing that was different this time is that we went on a Monday and it was pretty empty.  We never had to wait for a car in front of us and all the animals seemed excited that we were there.
 They had some of the brightest peacocks I've ever seen.
This time when we drove through the big animals (caraboo I think?) we did not even stop.  Bob didn't want to get the car scratched so if they were hungry they had to jog alongside of the car, which plenty of them did.
The kids really wanted to stop for Bambi.

It was so fun, I'll post pictures of the bears tomorrow!

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