Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Reptile Man

All summer our library puts on events and activities for the kids.  One of our favorite ones that we go to every year is the reptile man.

He pulls out all kinds of snakes and lizards and teaches us about them while showing them off at the same tim.  The kids love it!
Afterwards he always lets the kids play with the friendly animals.
Tucker was excited to get to spend some time with Lucy.  I wonder what people thought when they saw the badge he decided to wear that day.  I'm pretty sure it came from primary months ago but strangers probably think he is doing some sort of punishment.
And here is my favorite Spongebob ScalePants.  The reptile man just lets this guy loose in the grass.  It was fun to watch him eat, we had our picnic lunch near him.  I also learned why turtles are so slow.  He said that they don't need to be fast.  They don't have any predators that they need to run away from.  They just hide in their shell.
Just the day before Tucker asked me what a scaredy pants was.  So I told him it is a person who is scared to do things.  After we saw the reptiles Tucker called Penelope and Scarlett scaredy pants.  At first I was surprised because the kids haven't started name calling yet.  But then I realized he wasn't trying to be mean just factual in using the new phrase.  I explained that that is teasing and not a very nice thing to call people.  I also explained how brave I thought they were and that if they didn't want to touch the snakes and reptiles that was just fine with me.  It hasn't come up again.

So yes, Tucker is the only one in the pictures because non of the other kids wanted to get that close.  

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Angela Wilson said...

So much fun! I'm excited to see my son (and future children) grow up to enjoy things like this.