Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Seven Eleven

We had a busy day a couple weeks ago on the eleventh.  In the morning we didn't really have anything planned but wanted to to something fun with the kids.  So we started out going to some garage sales.  I saw this cute desk vanity that I wanted but didn't have room for so we decided not to get it.  But after we got about 15 minutes away in the opposite direciton I still couldn't let it go so we headed back for it.  Bob was so nice about the whole thing because I could tell he didn't really want it in the first place.

After that was over we headed to the Port Orchard Live Steamers to ride the trains.  The kids love riding these little trains around the park so we make sure to do it at least once a summer.
This time we got free hats!
I think this was our first year where none of the kids were scared.  One usually is scared before we get going.  But it is such a slow relaxed ride they all love it once it starts.
Next we headed down to the Puyallup library to turn in their summer reading logs and then to 7/11 for free slurpees.  Thats another thing that we only do about once a summer, and it is always on the free day.

We also hung out at my moms a bit and then drove home.  It seemed like we were in the car quite a bit but we've been listening to audio books in the car so i didn't mind the drive.

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