Thursday, July 9, 2015

Tucker's Birthday Fun

Since we are on the subject of Tucker I'll go ahead and post more about his birthday.  His birthday was a ocuple days after school ended to a couple days before school ended I brought cupcakes to his class.
They are Baymax cupcakes!  Very easy to make and they turned out pretty cute.  All I did was make regular funfetti cupcakes.  Then I made a marshmallow fluff frosting.  I then drew eyes on all the marshmallows and cut triangles in other ones to make arms.  Put it all together and bam you have Baymax from Big Hero 6.  The class loved them!
And Leon did too!
We had a little birthday party for him at home. The girls each made cards for him.
I got Tucker almost the entire Magic Tree house set (anyone have numbers 8 or 26?).
And Bob got him a ton of dirt bike gear...
to go with our new dirt bike!
Tucker loves going slow around the empty lot across the street.  I'm sure it is plenty annoying for the neighbors.
Happy Birthday Tucker!

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