Monday, August 17, 2015

Family Reunion 1

My family did a little reunion in Spokane this year.  Even though the drive is only about 6 hours we made a stop at Winco to get snacks.  I liked the idea of them each having their own food to be in charge of eating whenever they wanted.  I also had snacks that i gave out at certain times but they weren't allowed to ask for food in between.  It worked out well.

We stayed at my sisters house and it was a little bit crowed but luckily her house is much bigger than mine so it all worked out.  Each family was in charge of a couple meals and an activity.  The kids mostly just had lots of fun playing with their cousins.  Getting to spend time with family was the best part for me too.  James somehow became Scarletts favorite cousin.  She just wanted to play with him the whole time.  She even wouldn't go to her church class because she was scared but she was ok going to class with James.  I thought it was strange that she didn't want to go with Penelope or Tucker, but no, she wanted to be with James.
One day we went to this little river to play in.  It was not really worth it to me because we had to find it and march through lots of grass, then there wasn't really a good playing spot anyway.  But that's ok, because it was more about just hanging out with family anyway.
This next picture is of the kids playing just dance.  I joined in for a few rounds too.  I love that game!
My dad really put a lot of work into his activity.  He planned out the game family feud for us to play.  Bob and I managed to loose every round, but we still had fun with it.
At night we played more games.  Usually we put the kids to bed and then played with just the adults but a couple times we played kick the can.  It has sort of become a Tiannas house tradition.
For our activity Bob and I planned to play Dizzy sports.  We basically spun around in circles and the saw who could hit or kick the ball the furthest.  My brother won, but I won the punting round.  It was harder than it looks.
More to come!

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