Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Reunion 2 Zip Line and Riverside Park

My sister panned zip linning for her activity.  I'd never done it before and was really excited.  Check it out.

And the other view.

While at the reunion we got a picture of all my parents grandchildren who came together.  We didn't get a picture of everyone at the same time because it was hard to get everyone in the same room but we did get the kids.  Here are the best two.

On our way out of town we stopped downtown to explore the park.  I saw this little shop called Boo Radley's and after just reading To Kill A Mocking Bird I had to stop and check it out.  It was a little shop with books and other tourist trinkets.  They had lots of smelly stuff and Penelope said, "it smells so good I need to get out right now!"  It was funny.  I guess the smell was a little strong for her even though she did like it.
Downtown Spokane has this great park called Riverside Park.  It is huge with a bridge, trail, carousel and the giant red wagon.  I've gone before but never taken the kids.  So we made a point to go this time.
The huge red radio flyer wagon was fun.  It has a big slide down the handle.
Even though it was burning hot that didn't stop the kids from going down again and again.
Underneath it has monkey bars.
We needed a bathroom break and walked around the corner to the carousel.  Just in case anyone needs that info.
I like this last picture of Bob and Tucker.  A few members of our family refused to partake in the picture fun.
We have got to spend time with family a lot this summer and it has been so great.  I only wish we all lived closer and could see each other all the time.

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