Thursday, August 20, 2015

Woodland Park Zoo Discount

A couple weeks ago the kids and I hopped on the ferry and headed over to the Woodland Park Zoo.  It was my first time at this zoo and I was excited to check it out.  We started by going to the Zoomazium and watching a special creature feature.  Every day at 10:30 they have a cute story about an animal and bring that animal out while they teach about it.  We got to see an armadillo.  It was so cute and we even got to touch him.  If we lived closer we would be there on a regular basis.
The entire zoomazium building was so fun for the kids!  I think they could have spent the entire day there but I wanted to get out and see the rest of the zoo.

On our way out we checked out an adventure pack backpack.  This one had books stuffed animals magnifying glasses and other informational things about monkeys.  My kids especially love the magnifying glasses.

We saw this huge spider and it kind of freaked me out because there is no glass.  You can't see it in the picture but it was a couple inches long and there was nothing between us and it.  The sign says you are safe because she won't leave her web.  But I still felt weird about it.

The orangutan was one of our favorites.  We got to watch him eat and press his face up against the glass.  Plus Tucker decided that the orangutan is the closes animal to him.  I think that was based off looks, but I'm not sure.
Next we got a chance to feed the birds.
Penelope surprised me by actually holding one.  None of the kids were scared and they would have hung out here for a long time too.

If anyone is thinking about getting a zoo membership you should do it!  We definitely enjoyed our time there.  The nice people at the zoo are offering a discount of $10 off a membership and you will be entered to win 2 animal feeding tickets and 2 carousel rides!  Just use the code MOM15 

Tomorrow I'll post about when we got to feed the giraffes!

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