Monday, August 24, 2015

Little Builders/Outdoor Movie

Lowes and Home Depot always do these great woodworking crafts for the kids.  I've been meaning to go forever but we just have never done it.  I think my parents even took the kids once but I've never gone.  Lowes is tricky because you have to sign up in advance but at Home Depot you can just show up.  This time I put it on the calender and we finally made it.
The made chalkboard signs.  The idea is they can hang them on their door but their doors don't have nails so they put them on the door handles making it hard to shut the door.
Tucker talked about writing "mom keep out" on his sign and so Penelope must have thought it was a good idea because she was asking me how to spell keep out.  When I realized what she was writing I told her that hurts my feelings and I could tell she felt bad.  She changed it to "I heart mom".
Later at night we went to an outdoor movie.  I love to go in August because it is hottest and the sun sets earlier then it does in July meaning the movies start sooner.
We watched the Minion Movie and Inside Out.  I didn't love either of them, but they were entertaining enough and the kids liked them.  I made yummy caramel popcorn, which I managed to spill all over the back seat of the car.
I fell asleep for about half of the second movie and amazingly enough the kids all stayed awake the whole time!  It was after midnight when they finished.  The best part was that they were so tired they slept in the next morning!  It was after 9 when they started waking up.  I don't think that has ever happened to us before.  That the kids slept in on a morning when we didn't need to be up and ready to go.  It was great!

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Queen In Between said...

What a fun craft! I remember doing that with my littles.