Wednesday, August 5, 2015

New Bike

I got a new bike!  The last time I got a new bike I think I was 14 so it has been a while.  Bob has been into biking for a while but I haven't really had any interest until recently.  Before now we've always had a baby to take care of so me riding a bike around didn't seem very logical.  Now that all our kids are a little older we can go on a bike rides together as a family.
I told Bob what I wanted and he sent me some bike links and pretty much picked out one for me.  I don't know anything about bikes but I trust bob and he said it is a good one.  So far I've ridden it up and down our street with the kids a few times and it has been fun.  I even sold my old bike for $10 so that was a little bonus.  I just wanted a nice bike that will be good for me to ride occasionally and last forever.  Hopefully this bike with be what I need!

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