Thursday, August 13, 2015

Soap Lake

I heard about this crazy lake in Washington with magic healing powers and wanted to go.  Here is a little blurb of info I found on line about the lake:

The name Soap Lake came from the word Smokiam, an Indian term which translates to “Healing Waters.” The tribes used the lake for healing purposes for themselves and their animals for many years before the area was settled by pioneers.[5]
At that time, Soap Lake was already a busy resort and health spa. It contained four hotels and many rooming houses and businesses catering to sojourners seeking a cure. The residents were very proud of the two-room schoolhouse built in 1907. Even though Soap Lake’s main industry was derived from the medicinal lake, it became a social center.
The coordinates to the lake are Soap Lake is located at 47°23′18″N 119°29′15″W (47.388341, -119.487611) but if you make it to the town you are sure to find it.  The whole town is tiny!
We went there and jumped right in.  Well walked right in.  You could walk halfway across the lake and only be up to your knees.  If it didn't smell so bad I would say it was the perfect place to play with kids.  Great for splashing and running around.
 It was hot outside and there was probably less than 20 people on the lake.  Most of the older and it seemed like a lot didn't speak english.  Someone even asked us if we were Russian.   We asked around to find where the good rich mud was.  There are two main spots and you have to dig down below the surface layer to get to it.  An older lady who didn't speak english started digging up clumps for us.  It was great.
 Tucker did not want to put it on at all but we made him.  Everyone else had no problem getting in the mud.  Scarlett especially thought she looked cool all covered in the stuff.  I wanted to try it out but didn't go as far as to put it on my face.

They have an outdoor shower to wash off when you are done.  But beware, it took me at least two showers to get it all the way off.
Does it really have healing powers? I don't know.  Did we have fun exploring our state and playing in the mud? Yes.

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Gayle Daly said...

Never heard of it. I would have totally loved to have tried it out. Great family outing!