Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Cub Scouts

Now that Tucker is eight he has been going to cub scouts.  He loves it and looks so cute in his uniform!  Which, by the way was kind of a pain to get.  I could have just bought it at the overpriced scout shop but I wanted to get one from good will instead.  Unfortunately our good will saves them all for halloween and won't sell them beforehand.  But luckily my sister-in-law had an extra she mailed over to us.  Tucker's grandpa made him the neckerchief slide.
Only a two weeks after Tucker turned eight and he got to go to cub scout day camp.  I went with him the first day and it looked like a lot of fun for him.
They had their day packed full of fun activities.

I don't have picutres of it all but along with bb, archery, woodworking and obstacle they also had a cooking class and a games class.  They did each class everyday for four days.

Tuckers group was called the Knights of the Falcon and Tucker was Sir Tucker the Brave.
On the last day the whole family was invited.  We brought dinner and watched.  It lasted for several hours and included a sward fighting show, skits and awards.  Some of the skits were so long and impossible to hear making it pretty boring for the kids.

And their cheer.

Tucker won the archery award and was super excited about it.  He was convinced that he would win and I know he would have been devastated if he didn't.
It seemed like Tucker had a blast at cub scout camp!

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Laura Darling said...

He looks so cute in his uniform! Glad he's having fun!