Thursday, August 27, 2015

Soccer Season

Soccer season has started!  For us that is when our life gets a bit crazy.  First soccer then school and before we know it we are super busy.  Especially these last couple weeks because the kids were doing soccer and swimming.  Now that their swimming has ended I expect it will calm down a bit until the soccer games start.  We have three kids on three different teams to our Mondays Wednesdays and Saturdays are all pretty much filled up.
This is Scarlett's first year doing soccer.  She loves it and seems to have a lot of fun at her practices.

I didn't get as many pictures of Tucker because I only got to watch his practice for a minute.  His practice is at almost the same time as Penelope's but at a different field.  Scarlett's is at an earlier time.  We deffinitly are juggling things around trying to get it all done.
Tucker needs a little bit more motivation to run around during his soccer practices.  But because we are homeschooling I really wanted him in some sport this year.
Some practices have been hot and the coaches have all been making sure they get lots of drinks.
Penelope surprised me by how much she likes soccer.  She doesn't like that she doesn't know the coach or most of the other girls.  But she did get lucky and ended up with one girl on her team that is in her frontier girls troop.  That is a big deal for her because being around people she doesn't know is very scary.  I think once she gets a bit more comfortable with the other people she will really love it.

I like soccer because it gets the kids running and more involved than some of the other sports (t-ball). And it keeps the kids active and outside which is always a bonus.  Hopefully we don't get too much rain this season!


Mary-Anne said...

Fun! I signed Jacob up for soccer this year and he starts in a couple of weeks. We're excited!

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You guys must be so excited! After seeing your post,i want to play soccer.I didn't get the chance to play soccer in my school.