Thursday, September 24, 2015

Dentist Day

My kids have been begging me to go to the dentist so I called to make the appointment.  Of course I called in August which is probably their busiest time because everyone wants to go before school starts.  We got lucky because they had an opening for us on the first day of school.  Lucky because kindergarten started late and Tucker is homeschool.  I understand that no one wants to miss the first day for a dentist so it totally worked out for us.

I think it is funny that my kids keep asking to go to the dentist.  I only take them for a yearly cleaning instead of the recommended six months because it saves me money.  But for some reason they love to go!  This is a specific kids dentist and they most try hard to make it fun for the kids.  Leon was even wanting to go back with them... probably next time.
Every time we go I cross my fingers that they don't have any cavities (our insurance won't cover any of it) and thankfully they still have yet to get one.  Somehow my kids who don't brush that well haven't gotten cavities.  I brush my teeth for the full two minutes twice a day, floss every day, do mouthwash everyday and still usually have two cavities every time I go, which is twice a year.  It stinks for me.  But I'm happy for the kids.

This next picture was so funny to me because I told them I wanted to take a picture and they did the same exact pose.
Then I told them to smile bigger and what do I get?  Another picture where they are posed exactly the same.  Haha these girls are funny!

I'm glad the dentist can be fun for my kids...if only it was the same for me.

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Mathew Love said...

The fact that your children beg to go to the dentist is really cool, and it shows that this office is doing something right. I can definitely understand making only one appointment a year. It is always relieving when your children walk away without any cavities or tears, and it looks like they got a bag of awesome prizes after their visit.