Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Port Townsend

We took one of Bob's days off and drove up to Port Townsend to hang out.  Bob's been a few times with the young men but I think I was still in the single digits the last time I went.  It is nice that where we live not it isn't very far at all.  I think it was like an hour.
There were deer everywhere!  I'm used to seeing the occasional deer, like once every couple months, but we saw over ten in just our few hours there.  Bob really wanted to sneak up on one and he tried but he didn't even get close.
The main reason we wanted to go was to go to Fort Warden.  For those who don't know it is this old abandoned bunker type place.  It is pitch black inside and fun for running around and hiding.  Penelope and Scarlett were getting scared so we had to stick together.  I'll have to admit that some of the tight hallways could be a little creepy if you don't know your way around.
The one bad thing is that a lot of people like to write all over the walls.  I used to not worry about this sort of thing but now that Tucker can read pretty well I felt like I was constantly trying to distract him and turn his attention away from what was written on the walls.
There were ladders to climb up and small spaces to go through.  It was a lot of fun.  We brought Tucker's walkie talkies and used them when we split up.
Right behind this bunker is the beach!  It was pretty windy so no one wanted to get wet.  But we did explore and climb over the rocks for a while.  We even collected the clear and white rocks, which they seemed to have a ton of.

After making our way over to the lighthouse we hopped into the car and drove to a different part area.  I'll post all about it tomorrow!

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