Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Seahawks Game

Through the homeschool program we are doing Tucker and I were able to get tickets to a Seahawks game.  Tucker loves the Seahawks and we've never been to a game before so this was a big deal.  He talked about it for days ahead of time and we even worked together on a poster.
We rode the ferry over to Seattle and then walked to the stadium.  It was nice to hang out with just Tucker.  We listened to an audio book for part of the way on my ipod.  Here is Tucker carrying his coat and blanket.  The game started at 7 and said it might rain.  We weren't allowed to bring any bags into the stadium so we had to carry everything.  It was a little bit of a pain.
We got their right at seven when they were shooting off fireworks.  Our seats were in the hawks nest which is right on the other side of that big tower in the above picture.
It was pretty steep to walk up and the fireworks were going off so Tucker got a bit scared.  At first he didn't want to cheer or anything and he insisted that we hold hands.  He also said it was too loud.  I let him put on the headphones without anything playing to help with the sound.  And I bribed him with popcorn if he cheered.  By the end of the first quarter he loosened up and was comfortable.

It was kind of crazy to me just to see that sheer volume of people in one place.  And lucky for us my sister was there the same night.  She came over and sat with us for a little bit.
Tucker seemed to have more and more fun as the game went on.  He was shouting and even standing up dancing to the music.  I had fun too!  Although my voice went a little hoarse from all the cheering and explaining everything to Tucker.
We had to leave when there was one minute left to make it on the ferry.  But the Seahawks were winning and I was pretty confident they would win.
We actually should have left earlier because we had issues getting onto the ferry.  We made it there in plenty of time but right before we walked on the lady said she couldn't let anyone else one.  I didn't realize that it would fill up after the game.  The next ferry was after midnight and I did not want to sit in the terminal for that long, that late at night with Tucker.  Luckily after about five stressful minutes she said she could let 20 more people on.  Tucker and I were the third and fourth!  That is how close were were to making it in the first group.  I was really happy we made it on the ferry.

It was a great night!

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Angela Wilson said...

That looks like so much fun! I'm glad you guys had the opportunity to go. What great memories. My husband and I love watching football, and even watched the one you were at! Small world. I've never been to a professional game only college games at my alma mater Arizona State. I hope one day I can take my son Jack to a game and enjoy some family time too.