Thursday, September 3, 2015


My parents have been in the Philippines for just over a week now.  They will stay for 18 months serving on a mission for church.  They've been planning and preparing to go for a long time and I'm happy for them that they got to go.  They wanted to go to a different country we were really surprised when the call to go to the Philippines arrived.
They've been working hard to learn Tagalog even though lots of the people will speak English an I know they will do great!
 I hope that one day Bob and I can also go on a mission together.
It has been so nice living near them for the past seven years.  We really enjoyed it and relied on them a lot to help with the kids.  I will miss them a lot and feel really lucky that we can still talk on the phone and skype with them regularly.  I'm coming to learn that change is inevitable and I should learn to make the best of it.

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Gayle Daly said...

Doranda, this is so exciting for your parents. What a great example they are for your family. Skyping will help bridge their absence. What a blessing technology is. We also want to serve a mission, but I still have a few more work years left and Fred's parents are not well and need Fred's help. We don't want to serve a proseylting mission though. We would like to work in a mission office or s support kind of mission. Your children will find it fun to be able to talk about their grandparents on a mission in primary.