Friday, October 9, 2015

Fire Station

Scarlett's preschool went on their first field trip to the fire station.  Since Tucker is homeschooling he gets to come along.  It actually works out perfectly because Tucker never went to preschool and didn't go on these trips (a fact he pointed out several times).

This was probably my most eventful fire station tour ever.  And I lived a couple houses down from the fire station and went lots of time growing up.  We arrived a few minutes early and while we were waiting in our car we got to watch them practice with the hose out in the parking lot.  Then they sprayed dirt all over our car.  After that the chief came over and said they were going to wash it off.  So we got a car wash from the firemen with the firehose.  It was pretty cool.
Tucker had no problem making himself at home in their firehouse.  I think he liked the fact that he is a good deal older and bigger than all the other kids.  I had a talk with him about not answering all the questions, not that it did any good.
Scarlett was so excited to go on her first field trip.  She even practiced saying 9-1-1 at home.
When we were about halfway through they got a call on their walkie talkies and had to rush out.  It was cool to watch them get suited up and leave so quickly.  We were in the garage area so we got front row seats.  I've seen them demonstrate how they do it before but this was the first time we've actually seen it done.  Luckily the chief said he didn't have to go and probably wouldn't get called away.
I love how they put all the gear on to show the kids.  I'm sure my kids would be scared of a guy in a mask with the helmet and tank if they hadn't seen this before.
When they went into the ambulance all the kids were so cute and nicely sitting down like they knew to take a picture.  Scarlett and Leon were great.  Tucker had some questions for them about if they had dead people in here before.
Here is the preschool class.
And the whole group.
Just after we took that picture the fire chiefs radio went off and he said he had to go.  He jumped in the SUV and drove away.  Luckily there was one off duty fireman there using the internet, his must have been out at home or something.  He gave the kids fire hats and showed us out.

While there I learned a fire safety tip.  Keep bedroom doors shut at night when sleeping.  A door can be an amazing shield against a fire.  I hadn't really thought about this before and have started doing it since.

I know Scarlett had a great time.  Thanks teacher Shawnda for setting this up!

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