Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Puyallup Fair

Every year we like to go to the Puyallup Fair.  This year we decided to take Penelope out of school and go on a Monday that Bob had off work.  We ended up having to buy tickets because we left Penelope's student one at home and we prepurchased tickets for Bob and I.  I was disappointed to have to buy a tickets for 9 bucks when I knew we had one sitting on our mantel at home.  But oh well.  Like Scarlett's outfit?  She dresses herself.
These tractor rides were actually pretty nice this year.  Usually all the kids want to do it but the small sized tractors or the pink tractors are taken so we have crying kids and I'm having to try to push two at a time.  But this year we were the only ones there.  Penelope and Scarlett each took a pink one and that left the small one for Leon, who did need help.  I think the fact that the kids are a year older really made a difference.
We went to a little old time town where the kids learned about jobs they would have had if we lived a long time ago.  They cut wood, churned butter, and a few other things like that.  I wish I could get the kids to wake up and actually work every morning.  We have a hard enough time getting cereal poured into bowls without spilling everywhere.
We all shared an elephant ear.
And saw lots of animals.  These little chicks were cute.  Bob really wants to get some of our own.
I liked seeing the big horses.
This year they had a new candy factory type building.  It showed and taught about how they make different kinds of candy and the history of them.  A lot of this was too much info for the kids.  They just ran through it and wondered why they didn't actually get any candy.
I've never noticed this coin booth before but I guess they are there every year.  They helped the kids each pick out a penny that was created the year they were born.  Then they got another penny and got to squish it and imprint it with a fair shape.  This year was pumpkins, but they said the picture changes every year.
The kids got tired here and there but overall it wasn't too bad.  I somehow didn't get any pictures but my sister met us at the fair.  She was a big help with the kids the whole time.
We always go and get milk from the dairy barn.  But this year we got there right on time because they brought out a cow and explained the process of milking her. I was amazed at how much milk she holds at a time.

We never do rides, but when Bob and I bought our tickets ahead of time it came with coupons for six rides.  Perfect for us to do one each.  Leon chose the merry-go-round and absolutely loved it!  He thought it was the best thing every to wave at the family every time we went around.
The girls wanted to go on the ferris wheel.  I joined them for the iconic ride.  The workers were being generous with the height requirements.  I'm pretty sure Scarlett was two inches too short but then I showed them that she can stand really tall on her tippy toes and they let her ride with us.  I forgot how wiggly this one is.  And there is no side glass.  It is definitely more scary and dangerous than the new Seattle one Bob and I just rode.
One of the ticket people must not have scanned our card right because we ended up being able to do a couple extra rides.  Tucker choose to go on this one that just spins in circles really fast.  Neither Bob nor I wanted to go so he went alone.  He had his face down in his arm the entire time but he said he liked it.  Then he went on a Haunted house one that we thought was really dumb.  We tried really hard to convince him to choose a different one but he didn't believe us.  He didn't like it.  Then lastly we were able to get him to go on the swings with Bob.  He was scared at first because it was so high, but he did ok.
We also walked around through all the buildings of people selling stuff.  We saw all the vegetables and I learned about bee keeping.  It was a great family day!


Wendy Sice said...

I just had to google how to make elephant's ears to be sure they weren't something more sinister! Love the look of your day out at the fair. We just went to our local fair too, in Perth Western Australia. Photos are on my blog if you wish to take a look :)

Gayle Daly said...

Another fun family day for you. It does get easier as the kids grow up to have much more enjoyable outings.