Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Humongous Boy

I've been thinking that Leon looks so big lately so I had him stand next to our measuring ruler.  If you look close you can see that he is bigger than Penelope was when she turned four!  I was so mad when I saw this.  I really just want him to stop growing and stay little.  He is two and a half and is as big as a small four-year-old.  He was born huge (9.6) and has been growing like a maniac.  I miss having a baby around the house.  I called this post humongous baby because I've notice Leon use that word when he thinks things are big and it is cute.
 He feet always seemed big to me.  I pulled these pics off my phone so they aren't the greatest.
 Even though he is getting big he does still like to snuggle with me.  Not for very long but I take what I can get.  And he loves wearing his "jamas."

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