Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Soccer Rain

We got drenched at our last soccer games!  Every year we have at least one really wet and rainy game and last week was it!  We first got to Penelope's 11am game and it was raining so hard!  One of the girls left before it even started and one didn't show up.  So they only had 4 out of 6 players, making it hard on the girls.  Penelope played the entire game without any subs.  Some of the girls were just crying.  

Although we thought we were prepared with umbrellas and coats we were still drenched all the way through.  The chairs were soaked and it felt like we were sitting in puddles.  It was pretty bad so they ended the game at third quarter.  The girls were just not willing to play anymore.  Except for Penelope, she actually kept a good attitude the whole time.
 We all went home and changed into dry clothes.  Scarlett had an hour and a half break before her game so we got ready for that.  Because of the weather we decided that I would take Scarlett alone and let the other kids keep dry.  Scarlett's game started out dry but the rain came back and it even thundered so they ended the game early as well.  We have never had a game cancelled before because of weather so that tells you how bad it was.
A couple hours later I went back with Tucker for his game.  Luckily the rain basically stopped and the game was really good.  It was very close and intense, not at all like the girls games.  The boys won with a last minute goal and couldn't have been more excited.

Hopefully that will be our one rainy soccer day of the season!

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