Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Kindergarten Pumpkin Patch Trip

A few days after Scarlett's pumpkin patch field trip I got to go on one with Penelope.  I ended up bringing all the kids which I was a little nervous about but it ended up being just fine.  We went to Hunter farms.  I didn't realize it until the morning of but it was an hour away!  The drive was beautiful but we were late.  Luckily they hadn't really done anything before we arrived.  Here is a picture of Penelope's class.
Penelope is standing next to Olivia, she pointed out a few kids in the class to me and told me their names.  I think Penelope really wants to be Olivia's friend but is nervous to talk (sign) to her.
We rode a wagon over to the pumpkin patch.
It started with a big lurch that scared the kids a bit.  Just enough to convince them to stay seated.
This is where Penelope found the blue pumpkin.  Tucker was a little overbearing in helping Penelope decide which pumpkin to choose.  He needed a few reminders that this was Penelope's trip and we need to let her pick the pumpkin.
AFter that they kids went and played in a hay maze.  They loved it!  They ran around it for a good 20 minutes.  I made Leon go down the slide once and he was so mad he cried for a minute afterward.  I thought he would like it.  Opps.
The above picture is of the mini hay bale maze.
Then we checked out the animals.  They had the cutest baby goats!
I liked the pig.
It was a fun trip.  Penelope was so excited to ride the bus and go on her first kindergarten field trip.  I was really surprised when she asked if she could just ride home in the car with me.  I guess the bus wasn't all she thought it was cracked up to be.

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