Monday, October 26, 2015

Preschool Pumpkin Patch

Leon and I joined Scarlett and her preschool to the pumpkin patch for a field trip.  We went to the same one two years ago with Penelope's preschool but Scareltt said she didn't remember.  I thought it looked exactly the same.
We got there early and took some pictures while we were waiting.  Tucker was going to come but Bob ended up having the day off so they went dirt bike riding instead.  It was nice having just the two little ones.  
The only downside wast that it rained on us.  Not a pouring rain, but enough that I felt bad for Scarlett because she didn't have a hood.  She said she loved "the wet" and was ok about it.
The kids were cute taking their turns on the tractor.
Every time we see chickens I think about how Bob wants some and we might one day be chicken owners ourselves.  I'm not sure exactly how I feel about that.
All the kids had to pick up the eggs and feel them.  I learned that each chicken makes their own distinctive egg shells.  The chicken makes the same dot pattern on her eggs every time. The tour guid compared it to our fingerprints.
The highlight of the trip was picking out a pumpkin.  Both kids said it was the best part.
After much thought and pumpkin switching they both ended up with bumpy pumpkins (not the above pictured ones).

I love fall and going to the pumpkin patch has been a great tradition for our family.

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