Monday, November 2, 2015

Breakfast Time

I've been doing this a bit differently in the mornings this year and it has been going great.  We used to all get up and eat right away and then scramble around getting ready for the day.  As much as I tried not to I usually ended up reminding the kids what they needed to do several times before it is time to go.  I switched it up a bit so now we wake up and get all ready then eat breakfast together once everyone is ready.  It works really well because the kids are motivated to get their morning chores done so they can eat.  After breakfast we go brush our teeth and get our shoes on, then we usually have time for a mini family devotional.

The morning devotional has been a great thing for our family.  We usually practice a song we are working on and then I read and talk about a friend story.  If the kids are having problems or questions we talk about it.  Then if we have time we sing some fun songs and end in prayer.  I love this time because it is one of the only times of the day when we get to sit and talk about important things.

Anyway Scarlett looked really cute eating her cereal the other day so I took a picture.  She stays up late playing in her room sometimes and is still tired in the morning.

And since I had the camera out I had to take a picture of Leon closing his eyes.  He has moved past holding his hands over his eyes and just squeezes them shut really hard.  Usually one eye tighter than the other.

I love these kids!


Queen In Between said...

Isn't it funny how just a tiny tweak in the schedule can make things so much more enjoyable and give just a bit of quality time back!

Gayle Daly said...

This is a wonderful new routine. Your children are so blessed to have you be their Mom.