Monday, December 28, 2015

Family Photos

I was saving my favorite family pictures for our Christmas cards this year.  But now that those are out I want to post  up some more that I like.  We got these taken by Charise Lewis.  She did a great job and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer in San Diego!
I spent a long time figuring out what everyone should wear!  It is hard to coordinate six outfits.

I wanted to get pictures on the beach to remember our time here.  It was weird for me to get family photos taken instead of being the one taking the pictures.  I'm sure I was a difficult client, because I'm so picky.  I am happy how they turned out :)


Mary-Anne said...

They turned out great. I'm still amazed you can get all your kids looking at the camera at the same time AND smiling!!! I can't even get my 2 kids to do that - EVER!

Sheela Goh said...

I think the photos are delightful!! Wonderfully taken with wonderful subjects :) your children are so beautiful, how proud you must be of them. All the best for 2016 :)