Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Little Italy

On one of Bob's precious few days off work we went out to eat in Little Italy.  We lived within walking distance but drove anyway because of the kids.  There were so many restaurants but I didn't want to go alone with the kids so it seemed like the perfect thing to do with Bob.

We decided to go to Filippi's pizza Grotto, it was a very old Italian style pizza restaurant.  You had to walk through the small grocery store to get to the restaurant in the back.  If I didn't read about that online I would have walked in and turned back around thinking I was in the wrong place.
It was nice to spend time with Bob and the kids.  The cheese on the pizza was really gooey and delicious.  But other than that I wouldn't say it was my favorite pizza, not bad though.
Afterward we walked by this place called idessert.  I was interested to I went in and got one.  It was this crazy dessert with layers of cake and meringue and gelato plus fruit and a few others.  I liked it but it was expensive and not really something I want to get all the time.
You squeeze the ball thing which sends the juice inside then you crack the brown meringue part then eat it.

I personally have never heard of these before and I love to try new things.  So now you know what an idessert is too.

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