Friday, December 18, 2015

Safari Park

We made another trip out to the Safari Park.  We got stuck in traffic coming home and it took almost two hours for us to get back.  After that long drive I want a break from going out there.  It is normally about an hour away from where we are at. 

We got to watch the elephants a little bit with their trainers.  They did this little trick where the elephant took her hat in her trunk and then held it up high.  Then when the trainer reached up the elephant stuck it down low, then when she went for it the elephant put it on.  It was super cute.
Since we had been before a couple times this time I just wanted to do whatever the kids wanted.  They wanted to play in the little village area.  No animals there, just a water station play area.  We where there for about an hour.  They had a whole teamwork system thing going for filling up the jugs of water and bringing them to the fake animals. I was surprised by how much they were organized and into it.  Even Scarlett was telling the other older kids what to do.

We also went and saw Santa.  We've seen him many more times than we usually do this year.  This santa was one of my favorites.  I think he definitely looked the part and he took the time out to really talk to the kids!  The picture part was secondary.
We also stayed for the Cheetah run.  It goes at 3:30 everyday and we usually get there right when they open and don't stay that long.  This time we purposly stayed for it.  That is probably whey we were stuck in traffic.  It was amazing how fast these animals can run!  And they are so fast right off the bat, no warm up time.  They cant sustain it for long, but man they are fast!

Here is a cheetah with her best friend.  They always pair them with dog companions.  I guess the cheetahs really feed off the dogs temperament.  
And that was our day :)

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Gayle Daly said...

The picture of your children with Santa is PERFECTION!