Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Sea World Christmas

We've been to SeaWorld three times since they started their Christmas shows and decorations so I'm just mixing together all the pictures into one post.  You will probably notice the different outfits.  I love their tree.  It is huge and looks really good all light up.
The kids love the dolphins and are always excited when they get to pet one.

We saw santa...again.
And his reindeer.  This particular time we went I forgot my phone so some of these pictures are from the kids cameras.
The kids even got to go into a real snow globe.
We all got to pet a porcupine for the first time.  He felt kind of like plastic cords, like the end of a new plastic broom.
Some people were scared to touch him but everyone did it in the end.
I talked the kids into riding on Journey to Atlantis.  They were scared, Tucker even cried beforehand.  He gets really scared to do things sometimes.  He was fine after and during the ride.  The anticipation must really get to him.  Scarlett was the only one willing to ride it again with me.  When we rode it we were in the front and got soaked.  She was a real trooper.  It was cute because she tried to trick me and would tell me nothing else was coming, but then right before it happened she would grab on to me tight and give the surprise away.

I love this picture.
We watched all their christmas shows but this Sesame street one was by far the favorite.  Leon was especially cute  because he was so into it.  Whenever the characters talked he would respond and try to answer them.
Bob got to come with us one of the times and I love that because it means we can do more rides.  It also means I don't have to go on as many rides with the kids.  A few of the rides the kids need an adult to ride with them which is a pain.  One time I had to ride the "Flying Fish" three times in a row.

The tea cups ride is the worst.  I will never go on these again.  Bob spun them so fast he even started to feel sick.
Although it has been fun, I am ready for a break from least until next year.

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