Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Taylor Guitar Factory Tour

Today is Bob's birthday, so I thought it fitting to post about one thing he loves, guitars. Bob is such a great husband and dad he spends all his time working or doing things with me and the kids he rarely gets free time.  But when he does, he usually takes the time to play the guitar.  While looking up things to do in the area I saw that Taylor guitar, which just happens to be the manufacture of Bob's guitar, has free daily tours.
The tour was 90 minutes long and took us step by step through the factory and showed us how they make guitars.  As you can imagine the kids got bored quickly but they did a great job.
There were probably about 30 people taking the tour and five of them were kids, including our four.
Here is a picture of the tour guide.  He said it was his first time giving the tour and he did a really good job.   He was telling us about everything the entire time.  He must have practiced a lot.

Here's a good shot of one of the main factory areas.

Leon was the only one who started getting difficult.
After the tour we walked around the store part and Bob checked out the guitars.

I love Bob and I think it is great that his hobbies are guitar, biking, and weight lifting.  Out of all the things out there that can really waste time I think these are some fantastic things to be interested in.

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